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Cameras purchased for visual results, tape back-up and manageable cost

Buying the Studio Equipment ManfreedintheKitchen.com Blog 10 I had two problems to overcome in the beginning of my project. Never having created my own production before this I was relying on the information in the filming industry books that I had studied.  And secondly, one must recall … continue...

oleslaw (a.k.a.Cold Slaw) - easy to make, healthy homemade Coleslaw - Creamy Dressing
Manfreed demonstrates preparing an easy to make, quick, delicious, nutritious, homemade healthy brunch of Eggs Benedict, fresh squeezed orange juice and a tasty Strawberry Banana Parfait dessert.
Manfreed welcomes new cooks to easy cooking.
Toasted Tomato Sandwich - easy to make, delicious, nutritious, healthy homemade

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