The Unlikely Evolution of an Online Cooking Show

 The Unlikely Evolution of an Online Cooking Show Blog 1

 A few days ago we shot our first episode for our weekly, worldwide, live on the Internet cooking show – Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time, North America. I burnt the bacon and made an un-edible bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Even the bread was poorly toasted.  It was a disaster.   Luckily it was a rehearsal.

The Camera Girl, my wife Corinne, and The Tech Guy, Karl, were really nice to me. They reassured me that you couldn’t see on camera how nervous I was during the seventeen minutes we were live on the Internet.   Thankfully there were no sweat stains on my costume.

It’s been two years getting our production company to this goal of a live show.  In the beginning the three of us had no inkling that we’d be televising a weekly, live cooking show on the Internet.  It just evolved.  In fact, this whole project just evolved – over a couple decades.

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