Mageirocophobia Blog 3

Let’s be perfectly honest.  If the beer fridge is in the garage, basement, back porch or your neighbors work shop most men seldom ever find a need to enter the kitchen.  Peanuts and chips are near the beer fridge.  To most men washing dishes is on the level with military special ops, to be handled only by those with specific training, usually the wife or oldest child if she’s a girl.

Some people cannot go into the kitchen because of Mageirocophobia – fear of cooking.  Now this cooking phobia comes in all ranges of degrees and is considered a phobia when it interferes with one’s daily life.

There are numerous elements to Mageirocophobia: some are

  • Fear of Recipes
  • Fear of the actual cooking process
  • Fear of not Presenting the Food correctly
  • Fear of serving others food that is inedible
  • Fear of causing illness

If you have these fears you should seek help.

If you’ve just been too lazy, or well fed by another, to go into the kitchen, and you now find your self interested in cooking, stick with Manfreed.

You will know the basics and be cooking in no time at all . . . even if you’re a guy!

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