Karl Schoepp – Technical Director (Tech Guy)

Karl Schoepp Technical Director – It was a Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Lego set and playing with the colorful effects of lights at festive seasons like Halloween and Christmas that created Karl’s preteen fascination with movie making. As a pre-teen, Karl first began his film career by shooting and editing scenes of his friends performing stunts on bikes.  In middle school he began learning stage lighting and sound for school productions, dance performances, drama classes and for special school occasions.  During his high school years, Karl worked with lighting and sound for concerts/plays, made videos, attended film workshops and entered numerous video contests.  Outside school hours, Karl increased his skills and knowledge working with lighting boards and dimmer packs for Folk Fest, rock concerts and music festivals.  Karl holds a Certificate in Cinematography for Film and Video from Capilano University, BC (2009).   Since his graduation, Karl has worked professionally on large film productions, music videos, commercials, and with Olympic Broadcasting Services Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics.  His industry experience includes camera trainee, second assistant cameraperson, electrician, grip, director of photography, and gaffer.

Karl credits the positive mentoring of his school theater teachers, a professional rock concert roadie, and an Order-of-Canada filmmaker for giving him valuable opportunities, guidance and experience early in his youth.

Karl is active in the Victoria, BC film and video community and operates his own lighting and grip company with a large inventory of equipment. He strives to become a gaffer and director of photography.

Karl is the “Tech Guy”, Technical Director, for lighting, cameras, sound and computers on ManfreedintheKitchen.com. All the cooking videos are shot in one take.  A Saturday live webcast is planned for the near future.

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